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+Can the product be used for dyed hair or henna hair? Does it cause damage?
Do not cause any damage you can use it is safe and does not hurt hair.
+Does it add softness to broken hair? My hair is smooth and broken?
The product adds softness to the hair and you will notice the difference from the first use as well as it nourishes the hair and gives it vitality and attractiveness.
+Does hair soften?
It is safe for the hair and has strong effect, the company guarantees you in case you do not notice the difference from the first use of refund of the amount paid.
+What is the best?
The most popular product is honey and milk product.
+How long does it take?
Delivery within 3 working days via Aramex.
+Is the product available in pharmacies?
No, but it is available in salons but most of their availability is for use and not for sale
+How do you communicate with us?
Through the customer service number on 0540887000
+What are the benefits of the product? How to use it?
Enjoy hair, nourished and strengthens its roots, softens the hair, gives gloss and attractive Ardoba to protect the hair from embrittlement and precipitation.
How to use it: moisturizes hair with water and put the oil bath for 10-15 minutes and wash with water and then keratin mask is placed for 10 minutes and wash off with water.
+What if I bought it and did not benefit from it?
The company ensures you note the difference from the first use in the event not to take advantage of it you can recover the amount paid, the secretariat of the product is very good results.
+Is there one type of product or special types for each hair?
All contain the same main substances effective and the difference between them is aromatherapy.
+Does it benefit my 5 year old daughter?
The product is licensed to Saudi Arabia and safe for children from 4 years and above.
+How do I get the product?
To get the product, you need to contact our customer service number: 920010322
Or on Wattab at 00966540887000
Your order will be registered and sent to you by the shipping companies.
+The group is what?
Bath oil + massage
+Does it work for dyed hair?
+Is there a connection outside Saudi Arabia?
Yes there is a connection.
+Is the whole group made up of Kiriatin?
Yes, but the proportion of keratin is moderate so as not to cause damage to hair and for this reason the product is safe for children over 4 years.
+Is it suitable for greasy and dyed hair?